How do I add ecards to my website?

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These instructions will show you how to add an ecard to your Shopify store pages using an embed code. Once you get this app installed, we're going to create an ecard, and then we're going to add it to your Shopify store. It's a very quick and easy process.

Step 1. Login or Register for a free account

After you've installed the app, you need to Register or Login before you will be able to create your ecard.

Step 2. Design your ecard and then save and preview it

After logging in you will land on the ecard creation page where you can make your very first card.

On this page you will see, two options to the left, you can either upload an image, so you just pick an image off your computer and upload it, it can be an animated GIF, can be a JPG, PNG, any of those file types, and there's really no set dimension, you can have it very tall and a long ecard, or short and simple.

Or you use the ecard designer tool. You can totally customize the card, change the background, font, add clip art, etc. You can set a greeting, details, email subject, customize the layout, etc. You can link this image back to your website, your business website or wherever you want. Set the details, you could add additional details, especially if this was like an invite, and you needed to give more info about it.

Let's go ahead and click Save and preview. Bam! You just made your first ecard.

Step 3. On the preview page, click the share tab and copy the embed code

Your ecard has been created, it's ready to go to be published. Right now it's not published, it's only available to us in your dashboard. But to publish it to Shopify to your store, you click the "Add to Shopify" tab in the preview modal. Then copy the HTML Code from the textarea, we'll need it shortly.

And this tab gives us the embed code, which we're going to paste into Shopify as custom HTML block, there's a section you can add that allows you to paste HTML.

NOTE: If you are using Wordpress, you can use our plugin to make things easier. After installing it, you can copy and paste the Wordpress Shortcode from the Ecard's Share tab.

Step 4. Add your new ecard to your website

Now go to your website and edit a page. There should be an option to edit the HTML or to add custom HTML. You may need to reach out to us or your host for help with this if you can't find it. After finding it, go ahead and paste the HTML code you copied earlier and click save.

Step 5. That's it! Visitors will now be able to view and send the ecard from your website

We hope you enjoy using ecard widget creating tons of amazing ecards sending them to all your friends.

If you have any questions we're available. We want to do whatever it takes to to make you guys happy and help this be a good experience.

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