How do I attach ecards to my Shopify Products?

How does it work? How do I add it to my store?

Tim Badolato

Last Update 3 miesiące temu

Yes, we have a Shopify app! There is a link to the demo store on the app page so you can check it out:

I went ahead and threw together a quick video to show you how it works:

How to try it out:

Go to products > Buy the demo ecard product > Enter number 1 in the credit card number form and whatever for the rest of the fields > then submit > On the order confirmation page you will be able to send the ecard

How to add an ecard to your Shopify product for purchase:

Just select the product you want the Ecard or the Widget (All ecards in the collection) to show up for on the Shopify Order Confirmation page. Then click save. 

Then your ecard should show up like this:

For more information about adding Shopify to your website click here. Or contact us.

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