Setup DNS for custom Vanity Sender Email Address

Tim Badolato

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We use for email delivery.

To allow Sendgrid to send email on behalf of your domain, you will need to add the following TXT SPF record to your domain's DNS settings which should be accessible on your hosting provider or domain registrar. Contact your website admin if you're not sure.

Create or edit an SPF record to reference Sendgrid

Edit your domain's DNS settings to add a TXT record. The steps vary depending on your domain registrar. A TXT record is required for your SPF record to be validated.

Set up SPF

You need to create a new SPF record or update your existing SPF record on your domain:

1. if you have no SPF record on your domain, simply publish the following SPF record on it:

2. if you already have an SPF record, simply insert right before the terminating mechanism in that record.

For example, if your current SPF record looks like this:

update it to:


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